Second Blog Post: TEDxUSMCSalon


A week has passed since TEDxUSMC launched their first ever salon event. The theme for the event was ‘Seeing the Invisible’. I recalled having first seen the poster of the event. What had intrigued me was the theme. What did it mean by ‘Seeing The Invisible’? How can a human being view something that was imperceptible in the very first place? And from there on, my curiosity signed me up for the event.


17th November arrived. Tonight was the night where I would be able to see the ‘Invisible’. Registration started at 7:45pm and the event room gradually filled up with people. When the participants registered, they received a unique door gift. It was a wooden engraved keychain that had the event’s theme on the front and a personalised name on the back. I knew the event would go well just by the details the committee put into the gifts.




As the guests had all arrived, up came the host for the event, Jeremy with his smart look and soothing voice that caught the eyes and ears of the attendees. The event started with a video by Scott Geller with the title “The Psychology of Self Motivation”. Following from the video, participants were then ushered out of the room and one by one were once again brought back into a pitch-black room.



In a room full of darkness and unrecognisable group mates, we were told to have a deep psychological discussion. The topic ranged from our motivation factors to what our past looked like and what hopes do we have for the future. A few participants got immersed into the topic where they shared their past while others gave encouragement to those who were too shy to open up. The discussion was impactful, as I finally understood what it meant to see the ‘invisible’. The inspiration that gets one to work harder, the fears that pulled them back, the struggles that one had to overcome and the desire that one dreamt about.





Refreshments were then served after the discussion activity as the room was filled with lights again. During the break, participants could be seen socialising while devouring sandwiches and orange juice.





Right after refreshments, we were then seated as a video titled ‘Draw Your Future’ by Patti Dobrowolski was broadcast to us. Inspired by the video, there were a few coloured pens and pencils and papers on every group’s table. Participants were encouraged to draw their dream future. Our host, Jeremy had showed us his drawing as he talked about having a dream career working in the Formula 1 industry. Others shared their dream about getting a nice body or a luxurious car while some had the desire to be an entrepreneur. I drew airplanes on the paper, as I want to travel around the world, learning the cultures of different people. Our drawings of our dream future were then collected, as the committee would like to make a mosaic to mark the very first TEDxUSMCSalon event.


After all the impactful videos and engaging activities, Jeremy then proceeded to wrap up the event. I went back to my room, feeling enlightened. I finally understood what it meant by ‘Seeing The Invisble’. Though with only a short span of two hours, the event was fun and sentimental. Now, I have to patiently wait for the main event that is coming in December.


That’s all for now. See everyone again at the main event!


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