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The scorching hot sun shined over Johor Bahru, as its residents awoke to a new day. Amid all this, I was getting myself ready for today’s event. I am Priscilla, blogger for TEDxUSMC, and on this day, I attended my very first TEDx event hosted by TEDxSungaiSegget.


The theme of the event was ‘Connect’. There is a belief where there are connections in every individual, as connections can be deliberate or involuntary. Such theme carries great responsibility and I knew that today’s event would be impactful. The event was held at the stunning Amari Hotel, Johor Bahru.


Bangsa Johor started the opening of the event with a dramatic performance. The performance was diverse and unique as all three main groups of Malaysia, the Malay, Chinese and Indians were involved. The show had portrayed the importance of unity. Up stepped the emcee of the event, Nico. His charisma and soothing voice caught the attendees’ attention as he proceeds to introduce our first speaker of the day, Dr Chua Sook Ning.


Dr Chua is known for being the founder of Relate Malaysia. Her talk on depression and methods of combatting the crippling illness captivated every member of the audience. Citing her own battle through depression, Dr. Chua’s talk really hit home and made us all feel ‘Connected’.


Next speaker was the founder of Tanoti, Jacqueline Fong. Her talk on Songket – a traditional woven gift – showed us the artistic side of how we can ‘Connect’. Following Jacqueline’s talk, our lunch was served. It was here that I truly understood the meaning of ‘Connect’. With the companionship of mouthwatering food, everyone got to spend time together chatting away about our own lives outside of work and studies. This allowed us to bond as a team, an invaluable experience.


Right after lunch, we were greeted by Rohith Govindan, whose discussed making music a bridge to connect everyone. His engaging methods of involving the audience into his performance alongside a traditional Indian musical instrument, Tabla, lifted the mood of the event once again.


Following this musical interlude, Lisa Foo spoke about her involvement in an ASEAN bamboo installation known as “Konstruk” which was displayed at Puteri Harbour. I have seen her artworks in person as I recall my emotions when I first set my eyes on them, awed, shocked and amazed.


We were then given time to network with other attendees. During this time, I get to know interesting people from different backgrounds. Everyone can be seen mingling with each other in order to get connected. Later, the proceeding 5th speaker introduces himself as Navin Binwani, where he presented the Biji-Biji initiative and teaching the public the benefits of recycling.


Last but not least was Johan Arifin Mohd Ropi, our final speaker of the day. Johan is the proud founder of Kilang Bateri. He talks about reinvigorating the older and forgotten parts of Johor Bahru as a fresh start for the elderly as well as the new, younger generation.


After the memorable event, I truly realized what it means to ‘Connect’. Furthermore, it can be seen that the crew of TEDxSungaiSegget worked miraculously well to ensure the event went smoothly. Thank you TEDxSungaiSegget for being such a great host! TEDxPetalingStreet, you’re up next!

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