TEDxUSMC Main Event – Part 2 –

TEDxUSMC: Our True Selves & Purpose

Part 2


Trailing from that was the networking session. The session consisted of a few exhibitors ranging from students displaying their projects to speakers proudly presenting their work.

Everyone can be seen mingling around with the companionship of mouth watering red velvet cakes, and delicious Belgium chocolate brownies. I spoke to John, who is an international student from Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NuMed). As John said: “The networking session was beyond expectation. Speakers are definitely great especially Nadia and Santa!” Santa had also shared with me about his QTPi project and a book that he had written titled “She: Ekla Cholo Re”. The book is about searching for one’s identity in spite of all odds, and as informed, the book itself will soon be released as a movie! The networking session was engaging as I got a few new contacts and also feedback from everyone that attended.


Attendees were then ushered to the auditorium, as something exciting was about to happen! The performers for the day, Classmates, were ready to give a live performance. Though being a local pop punk band, they had interesting instruments involving a violin and a classical guitar. Everyone was cheering, as the performance was really outstanding.



Following from the alluring musical, our next speaker was Ivan Ling, our very own PhD student from USMC as he gave a talk about nanotechnology. He started his research with the mindset of saving the planet. Ivan explained that common sensors operates with heat that requires power, leading to extraction of fuel that pollutes Mother Earth. In which case, he developed a sensor that operates in room temperature, where there is no need for an external heat source, hence saving the world. Kudos to Ivan for his research which maybe in nano scale, but it is the workload, effort and energy that he has put into his passion that contributes a lot to the world.

Last but not least was a speaker with a friendly smile, USMC’s very own Lyn Cacha. Lyn spoke about the importance of personal branding. To create a strong personal brand, one has to be bold, genuine and authentic. It is perfectly fine to showcase failures, as all successors were failures once. She had given a few examples on how personal branding can be ruined with the emphasis that social media is one’s hearing aid and not one’s microphone. Lyn ended her talk with a question for the audience: “How do you want people to remember you?”


The talks for today was definitely impactful for me as Nadia talked about her struggles that lead to her motivation, Eddie’s speech regarding on the importance of having a purpose and Lyn’s emphasise on the importance of personal branding. A token of appreciation was handed to all the speakers, performers and our very own advisor, Dr Jo-Han Ng as a thank you note. Jeremy wrapped up the event by thanking everyone that was involved in making the event a successful one.

After the closing ceremony, the members of TEDxUSMC stayed back for a group photo with the companion of the speakers, to keep and savour as a long lasting memory. Being a part of the TEDxUSMC community was a personal experience that was priceless. Though there were ups and down while creating this event, I learnt the meaning of teamwork and gained inspiration from the speakers themselves. Once again, congratulations to everyone that was involved as we successfully created history! The success of TEDxUSMC’s first ever live event, which was also the first TEDx event in Iskandar, Puteri! This may be our first but it will certainly not be our last!


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