How I Brought TEDx To My University

How I brought TEDx to my university?

Part 1


TEDxUSMC’s photo booth located at the main entrance of the event venue.


Being an introvert (partly), it was a lot of self-doubt that I needed to face to become the lead organizer of the first ever TEDx event in the region, though it did not stop me from taking the exciting course of bringing ‘Ideas worth spreading’ to my community. My name is Yew Jun Ying and I am a Mechanical Engineering Year 2 student at University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC).


How everything started out to be?

Somewhere between April to June 2017, I came up with the idea of bringing TEDx platform to our university. At that time, I did not consider that seriously but instead just thought of it as something cool and beneficial to the community here. Things did not change much until the co-organiser going-to-be, Lian Ming (Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering Year 2 student) and I chatted about how amazing TED and TEDx platforms are. Both of us being really fired-up in growing the community in EduCity, Iskandar Puteri, we decided to make the event happen. We started doing research on the application process and went through lengthy online documents (i.e. TEDx rules and organiser guide) specifically designed for TEDx organiser newbies. Having the basic knowledge of how the event will be organised, we started filling up the application form with our ideas including the reasons why we are keen to organise a TEDx event and our choices of TED videos that are going to be featured.

The completion of the application form only came several weeks after our first discussion as the form was quite tedious to fill up and we were both busy with our summer internships. We submitted the form, sat for a TEDx rules online test and eventually, had a quick interview with a TEDx Licensing Associate from TED. I was pretty nervous during the interview, luckily, Lian Ming delivered our ideas effectively and saved the day. Two weeks went by and we have successfully gotten the license to organise a TEDx university event. And this is how the event started out to be.


How did the organisers recruit the executive team and what are the qualities that they valued the most?

Lian Ming and I had many organiser meetings and face-to-face discussion sessions to exchange ideas before we thought about recruiting the executive team. Having some prior event organizing experience, both of us totally agreed with each other that it is crucial to form a solid team to ensure smooth execution of the event. We also learnt from other experienced TEDx organisers that we should prioritise someone that has the same vision as we had. We agreed.

We were ready to make an impact. We blasted out a TEDxUSMC Executive Team Recruitment form and got responses from many enthusiastic applicants. After interviewing each of the applicants, we really had a hard time deciding the successful applicants. We considered what they had to offer based on their application forms and interviews during the decision stage. In the end, we agreed upon getting those with remarkable skills such as excellent English command, software design experience, filming, workshop experience, etc.

The almighty Executive Team has been formed! Followed by that was the first ever Ex-Co meeting where I briefed about the event that we are organizing and all the rules that they need to know before starting to do anything. TEDxUSMC has got its backbone and is now ready to go!

Group photo of the TEDxUSMC Executive team.


Alright! I guess that is enough information for now before you start to think of your next meal.

Here is some good stuff for you. If you are interested in what happened during the event on 2nd December 2017, check out our Facebook page:

Also, if leadership and event management sound like your kind of things and you would like to gain more insights into how the event was organized, stay tuned for my next blog post that will be coming up next week!

Till next time.


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