The Team

Licensee/Lead organizer/Curator – Yew Jun Ying




Yew Jun Ying is a Year 2 student in University of Southampton Malaysia Campus studying MEng (Masters in Engineering) in Mechanical Engineering. He has been elected as the Vice President of USMC Student Association for Academic Year 17/18 and joined multiple initiatives with hopes of bringing a positive impact to the local community. Being an environmentalist, the sustainability of the event is much emphasized by Jun Ying throughout all the developing stages of the local TEDx community. Through TEDxUSMC, he is keen to expose ideas worth spreading to the local community to encourage others in their search for their true self.











Co-organizer/Curator – Goh Lian Ming




Goh Lian Ming is a Year 2 Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering student in the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (USMC). He has a strong passion to develop Malaysia’s space industry. In 2016, he was invited to exhibit his DIY 3D-printed quadcopter at several national exhibitions. With his leadership positions in professional engineering clubs, he has spearheaded numerous career development initiatives. He hopes to utilise his skills and experience to create a platform where people can be inspired to change for the better, be motivated to do something new, and be courageous to take the first step in finding life’s purpose.











Curator – Brian Heng Aik En



Brian Heng is currently a second year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Southampton. He was raised in a village realizing the hardship of work since a young age. He hopes to reach out to those who are in need regardless of their circumstances. He has done various volunteer work, helping the less privileged and orphans. Because he has dealt with many hardships in the past, and because of his past experiences, he hopes many others will not have to go through life the way he has. And that is exactly why he is here, to make sure they do not.













Executive Producer – Kevin Law




Kevin Law is a Year 2 Mechanical Engineering student at USMC, born and raised in the Indian Ocean island called Mauritius.  A description of himself in three words would be: extrovert, creative and energetic. Growing up in a multicultural society taught him the importance of integrity, empathy and open-mindedness which developed his leadership and teamwork qualities. He joined TEDxUSMC because he believes that it brings people together to share their ideas, experiences and thrilling stories in the most inspiring way. Together with his team, he believes that this TEDx journey will pave the way to find your true self and to be the person you are meant to be.











Event Manager – Lee Jun Xuan





Jun Xuan is a passionate 19-year-old youth who loves to take on challenges. He is now studying in his first year of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering course at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. He joined the TEDxUSMC team as the event manager because he is inspired by how TEDx influences people via their online media. As an event manager, he will make sure that every TEDx event held by TEDxUSMC goes smoothly and systematically. He holds the same principles as his team to bring more amazing people onto this wonderful platform to share their inspiring thoughts to the world.










Sponsorships and Budgets Manager – Wong Jun Jet




Jun Jet is a Year 2 Electrical and Electronic Engineering student in USMC. He loves challenges and is eager to learn something new everyday. He thinks that the role as Sponsorships and budgets manager is a very important one in the organisation of this event and though he has never handle this role before, he will take this opportunity to gain experience and learn. By getting as much sponsorships that he could, he hopes to make the first TEDx event in educity to be a contented and memorable one.   











Lead Designer – Zhoriif Shamsudin




The Lead Designer of the TEDxUSMC, Zhoriif Shamsudin, was born here in Malaysia, and raised everywhere else. He has always been an imaginative soul, painting, drawing, taking pictures all from a young age, and grasps every opportunity to take on a creative challenge. Currently in his Second Year of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, he hopes his creative vision can help the TEDxUSMC event to be as inviting and fun as possible.












Communications, Editorial and Marketing Director – Jeremy Weber




Meet TEDxUSMC’s Marketing Director, Jeremy Weber. Jeremy is well equipped to take on the role of marketing director, having previously worked as USMC’s marketing director in his inaugural year at Southampton’s Malaysian Campus along with many previous similar roles throughout his high-school life. Currently studying as a second year Mechanical Engineering student, Jeremy has grown in knowledge on marketing since his first role. Jeremy joined the TEDxUSMC team with hopes of sharing ideas and philosophies that are not found in everyday conversations, eventually leading to the inspiration of everyone who attends TEDxUSMC’s events. Confident, well-versed and reliable, Jeremy aims to keep everyone updated on what TEDxUSMC will be bringing to the table through our social media platforms.










Video & Production Lead – Sean Ng




SEAN NG is a Year 2 Mechanical Engineering student in USMC. He has been taking photos since he got his first camera in 2012 and hasn’t stopped since. In 2015, he founded Ocrux Studios, a one-stop production company specializing in film production which has gone on to produce numerous works, including the short film “That Perfect Picture” which was nominated for the Young Filmmakers Award in the international My Rode Reel 2015 competition. He has also worked for various corporate clients, and he has spent the last summer on the production team for Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, one of Asia’s largest TV shows. He hopes to bring the skills he has learnt into enhancing the TEDxUSMC production.